Hi everyone! I hope all of you are well! Today I'm going to write an unusual article coming from me, but I found it very interesting to try it, although I haven't seen anyone do it.

Basically, for each letter of my name, I will put some character from a tv series that I like.

Below you have my "tv shows and movies" collection in case you're interested:

I hope you enjoy!

V. ↠ Vicki Donovan

The Vampire Diaries

Image removed Temporarily removed

A. ↠ Archie Andrews


riverdale, kj apa, and archie andrews image riverdale image

L. ↠ Lydia Martin

Teen Wolf

banshee, lydia martin, and teen wolf image Image by arzu

E. ↠ Elena Gilbert

The Vampire Diaries

gif, beautiful, and brunette image tvd, Nina Dobrev, and the vampire diaries image

N. ↠ Nate Archibald

Gossip Girl

Temporarily removed

T. ↠ Tokio

La Casa de Papel

la casa de papel, tokyo, and series image Image removed

I. ↠ Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

N. ↠ Niklaus Mikaelson

The Vampire Diaries - The Originals

joseph morgan, family, and The Originals image joseph morgan and klaus image

A. ↠ Arizona Robbins

Grey's Anatomy

Greys, greys anatomy, and arizona robbins image grey's anatomy, arizona, and jessica capshaw image

Thanks for reading!,


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v a l e n

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