i decided to do the riverdale tag! i added a couple extra questions to this.


1. who's your favorite female character?

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toni topaz for sure! she's the only unproblematic female at the moment. she's not afraid to stand up for the people she cares about and fights for justice.

2. who's your favorite male character?

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he's always there for the serpents, no matter what. jughead may not be his favorite all the time but in the end, he's got his back. just like toni, he stands up for what he thinks is right and never backs down from a fight.

3. who's your least favorite female character?

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my very unpopular opinion. betty is definitely not my favorite. i get that she's totally alarmed and scared about chic, but how she's handling it is downright creepy and unrealistic. this dark betty stuff is getting out of hand, it's just a form of sexualizing her mental illness and it's not ok, especially since she's just a teenager

4. who's your least favorite male character?

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he wasn't always my least favorite but the business between him and hiram is crazy. they took a freaking blood oath and now he's constantly disrespecting his dad just because they don't see eye to eye. i miss the old archie, he shouldn't have gotten involved in hiram's business, and it all started because he wanted to impress him.

5. have you read the comics?

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no but i'd like to

6. who's your favorite parent?

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he loves jughead and never stops supporting him. he just wants the best for jughead. he helps those he cares about and like every other serpent, he stands up for his beliefs. i also ship falice

7. who's your least favorite parent?

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he's so annoying and manipulative! he's turning archie into a monster and he's starting chaos in riverdale, which is the exact opposite of his intentions. and he's building a prison on what used to be a high school. he's sick and doesn't deserve veronica's constant support

8. what was your initial thought of the show? did it change after you started to watch?

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at first, it interested me when i saw it on netflix and i decided to watch it. i found myself not liking most of the main characters, but cheryl and kevin were my faves. i mostly watched for the plot because it was really interesting and i wasn't disappointed. i was super excited for s2 but i feel like the plot is all over the place this season.

9. who do you ship the most?

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choni is the cutest! they care for each other so much and the rescue scene filled the void in my choni heart. they're so cute and love each other.

10. who do you ship the least?

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yes, they're cute and make each other happy but they've broken up a lot and it's not healthy. they're toxic for each other and the only reason the writers are keeping them together is because of the fandom. not sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

11. before finding out who killed jason, who do you think did it?

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tbh i thought it was hiram, since he was the shady guy getting help on the outside

12. favorite cast member(s)?

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madelaine petsch, vanessa morgan, jordan connor, drew ray tanner, charles melton, camila mendes


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