Hi! This is my first Article so I hope you enjoy it!

1. Write a Journal

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At the end of the day write about your ups and downs throughout the day so at the end of the summer you remember all the fun stuffs and the struggles you went through. Also attach some pictures!

2.Take Lots Of Pictures

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Take pictures so you can have memories and see all the fun you had!

3. Cut My Hair

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Try out a new look and see how you feel about it! LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE

4. Get a Pierced

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Try getting pierced!

5. Get Tatted

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Get meaningful tattoos!

6. Go Camping

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Camping with your closest friends is never a bad idea!

7. Go to the Beach

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Rent a beach house with your squad and have fun!

8. Go Hiking

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Go for a Hike, forget about the city and all the craziness and go bond with nature!

9.Go on adventures

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I personally have so many adventures in mind for this summer. Spending summer in cuba is the best thing ever! You can go so many places and learn so much.

10.Go somewhere new

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Go anywhere you haven't been before. Clubs, bars, cities...

11. Go with a different name for a day.

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Try to be a different person for a day, it may be fun!

12. Go to a concert

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Go to a concert and ENJOY!

13. Go to the Zoo

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Its always fun to go to the zoo and take pictures with cute animals.

14. Go to a Fair

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Dare to go to a fair and jump in all the rides.

15. Make a Summer Playlist

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Make a playlist with all your favorite songs.

16. Make new friends

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Its always good to have friends to have fun with!

17. Have a Bonfire Night

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Enjoy a night with your friends at a bonfire telling stories and eating junk food!!!!

18. Have a girls night

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Go out with your bestfriends and the have a huge sleepover!

19. Friends Reunion

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Reunite with all your childhood friends and have a fun time with them!

20. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

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Stay up 24 hours and watch the sunrise and sunset.

I'll make a second part of this Summer Bucket List.
Thanks for Reading