i have been going through old photos a lot lately...always looking for new and old ways to inspire myself.
i came across an old photo i took based on a song by a band everytimeidie...i never did anything with the photos, but taking a second look made we want to play with it again. its a simple shot but one that i love, and giving it a second chance made me love it more, and it also helped me remember a song and a band that ive been taking inspiration from for years. to me the song is about old hollywood and how if you are on the outside looking in, its very glamours and beautiful. but if you are on the inside living the hollywood lifestyle it might not be as glamours as it looks. i think this image is a perfect capture of that moment, and i love the ascetic of it.

the song is "here's lookin' at you" and the lyric goes...

glamour, smoke, and wine image
- Audrey left some lipstick on her cigarette in the ashtray With a note scrawled on a napkin saying "this is glamour"-

if you are looking for some new music check out everytimeidie. here's lookin at you is one of their older songs, but if you come across it and decide to give it a listen i would love to here your thoughts.