Yes, maybe I am crazy. I won’t even try to tell anyone otherwise. They tell me I am crazy for caring too much, for being kind to everyone even if they are rude to me. They tell me my life will be ruined if I have so much feelings, If I have empathy. Well let it be. I would rather die helping someone then die knowing I was a bad person.
I don't even know how am I going to live like this, in a world where people are hurting each other so badly it is even hard to write about it.
Maybe I will go numb and stop caring if I continue to feel too much. Maybe I will fade away into nothingness. But there will be no regrets.
And life will have the right purpose.
So be kind.
Help people.
Save animals.
Think about nature.
Keep your family close.
You are worth it.
And If one day you do fade away:
Let it be because you gave too much.

- Mikaela