I can't wait to decorate my first apartment and I have been thinking about it a lot so I decide to tell you guys all about it.

  • Living Room
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I want to have a living room that is cozy, a lot of green and really rustic.
  • Kitchen
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I wanna have a kitchen with a lot of counter space and 2 ovens and also really rustic and cozy with a lot of woods and a bit of industrial too. I also wanna have those benches that people have on their kitchen and the "breakfast corner", its a dream to me.
  • Bathroom
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I love bathroom with character and with windows close to the tub so I can relax while watching the view.
  • Bedroom
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I want my bedroom to be cozy but with floor length windows and with a lot of plants.
  • Outside
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I think the photos speak for themselves

Thank you guysss