1: Moana

disney and moana image ocean, sea, and water image aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image Temporarily removed light, marine life, and ray image Inspiring Image on We Heart It blue, clothes, and disney image Temporarily removed turtle, animal, and beach image volcano, nature, and photography image

2: Vanellope Von Schweetz

pink, aesthetic, and 90s image cotton candy, pink, and yum image car, aesthetic, and song image fashion, green, and champion image pink, game, and pastel image car, pink, and Lamborghini image hair, aesthetic, and ponytail image candy, food, and sweet image Image by Marshmellow♡ clothes, fashion, and girl image

3: Aurora

wallpaper, pink, and background image Temporarily removed sleeping beauty image Temporarily removed dress, pink, and princess image Temporarily removed blue image aesthetic and thorns image bed, interior, and bedroom image dress, fashion, and blue image

4: Anastasia

yellow image cute image crown, red, and Queen image black, fashion, and hat image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion, clothes, and coat image bow, cute, and fashion image girl, hair, and ginger image eyes, blue, and eye image

5: Odette

amazing, landscape, and mountains image Image removed Temporarily removed Image by barbiemuna7745 blue image Image removed Temporarily removed Image by (SARE) SARE ŞİVA 2.ci Sayfası green, nature, and Swan image dress, fashion, and style image

Thanks for reading and hope liked it. (yes I know that Odette and Anastasia isn't Disney Princess but they are some of my favorite so I added them) Read the first part and check out other Disney related articles.