Hello beautiful people on WHI❣ Today I decided to give you my advice on how you can do your articles better and funnier. The reason is that I read some articles that had 0 photos, 0 font used and 0 imagination put. I don't say I'm a good writer or something, I don't say I'm better than them, but like I need some advice I'm sure other people need too. So here we go:
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↝ Find your inspiration ⚘

One of the most important things is to be inspirated while you are doing your article. Find your inspiration here in WHI♡. There is a reason why we all love this application/website and that's because it give us inspiration for making new and cool things, valuable for the world. Before you start writing your new article go and find your inspiration.☘

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↝ Look the WHI article about making articles ✍

Some advice (Many advice) you can find in the WHI article for making articles. It tells you what fonts you can use, how to put pictures, how to make tags, how to make quotes and many, many more. You can see it in the blue square right after pressing write article. The only thing you can't find in there is how to use your Imagination but for the thats the most important things of all, but design is also important for one good article.

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If you can't find it here is link to it.

↝ Use photos/pictures ❁

One of the things that makes your article more interesting for others is photos. Find accurate photos and pictures for your article and use them. A good idea is to use your own photos. Post them here and then show them to the world with your brilliant article.✵

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↝ Give your opinion and advice ☽

In one article you express yourself. You show your thoughts to the users of WHI. Give your opinion to the world. Share your advice and help people.

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↝ Use symbols ❀

As you can see using symbols makes your article way more prettier and pleasant to read. I use two sites for symbols and I will leave them bellow. Remember you should use symbols ✔ not emoticons

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↝ You can use even more styles for letters ⒶⒷⒸ

If you don't mind that people wouldn't read your article from their phones, you can use sites that makes your text in different styles. I will leave one site I like, but I don't use it, I already said why.

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They are written on paper, but I couldn't find electronic ones ⎚


Here you go ^^

↝ Don't write only a few words.

I read some articles with 4-5 sentences, with no font, no pictures, no passion, no imagination. Nothing personal, but I just hate to see articles which says nothing to its readers. I'm sure you have more to say than only 5 sentences. If you still don't, wait until you have more ideas to make something more valuable. Don't be satisfied with less because not many people will be.☕

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↝ Write about the things you like ♥

Writing about the things you like will help you write more for one theme, and will give you the chance to satisfy people with information. Use your knowledge, use your passions, let the world see what you got in your mind.✎

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↝ Search for others advice ☮

See what other people think and want. After reading my article go and read some more for more advice. That will help you a lot.☘

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↝ Have fun ✌

Having fun while making your article will definitely make it better. Make the things you love, share your love with others, and leave a smile on many faces today + yours. That's one everyday goal.✯

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And we finally reached the end of my article. If you want to check some of my articles, go ahead and text me if you have some advice or anything to make them look better
I want to mention that I got inspired by this article:
Chek it out
Feel free to text me. I want to make friends here ^^
Have a great day/night while creating your next masterpiece ❣
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