At first, when I saw the first article on "study spaces", I thought it was a silly idea. I thought any place where you could place your books, sit and study was a good study space.

But, guess what? Mine wasn't.

And I thought that maybe I wasn't the only person who wasn't correct about this. I read lots of articles, I looked on the Internet, saw YouTube videos... and guess what? It's very easy to have a good study space.

First of all, clean your desk.

Yes, very obvious, isn't it? I had lots of things on my desk. Now, I don't have nothing on it. Like, literally nothing. I don't mean that you mustn't have anything on your desk. Just keep it simple.

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Organise your papers.

I have lots of unwritten papers, yes, but the key not to find them in places where they shouldn't be is to keep them organised. I use a folder and some plastic covers. In one covers I keep the white folios and in the other one the gridded ones.
I also have plenty of written papers which I have in another folder.

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Throw away all the rubbish you don't need.

But how am I going to throw this away? What if I need it for future courses? What if my teacher does a random exam about this and I haven't got these papers?
OMG girl, don't you see it's summer? You have finished, and I don't think your future teacher is going to tell you "OH WE'RE GOING TO DO AN EXAM ABOUT THIS" if you haven't seen it in class.
Oh, what a pity, this pen doesn't paint anymore. But it's beautiful, I'm keeping it!
NOOOO. No, don't.
Seriously. If you don't need them, THROW. THEM. AWAY.

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Have shelves.

Well, maybe this isn't really your choice because you don't have space.
But, if possible, have shelves above your desk.
I have three shelves:

  • On the first one, I have material I may need, like the folders I previously mentioned, some clips, a water bottle, staplers... you know what I mean. Anything I might need, I have it there, close at hand.
  • On the second one, I have those things that I may need once in a while, like dictionaries. I don't usually use them so I have them there. I also have books because I read a lot so I have them close even if it's not SO close.
  • On the third one, I have those things that I may need... once in a blue moon, maybe? This includes, for example, photo albums. Like, seriously, I am studying... I don't need a baby picture of fifteen years ago next to me.
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Use the space below.

In some cases, you will already have them, in other cases maybe not: drawers. It might seem an enormous exaggeration but seriously, drawers have saved my life!
I have two.

  • In the first one I have all my technologic gadgets: my camera, my laptop (the one I don't use for classes)... and all their respective wires.
  • In the second one I have my old flute (in school it was compulsory for us to play it) and a big space for my books and notebooks. While I'm doing my homework, I have them in there and when I finish with my first assignment I have take them there instead of in my bag.
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If it's not possible for you to have drawers like they are, you can have these drawers which can be moved. You can place them below your desk and... voilà! You have your drawers.

I don't know how they are called so this is a link for you to see them:

Put your things on it.

By this I don't mean "take all the things there were first in the same place they were". No. Try to find new places for things, put them in a way in which they don't make it hard for you to write.

Your computer.

Well, it might not be a computer. Maybe you use an iPad or simply a tablet at school. In my case, it's a laptop. And I let a place in the corner for it. When I get home, the first thing I do is put my laptop in its place. Like that, I don't have to be moving it when I need to write.

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Your lamp.

This is a thing which I didn't really take into a count when I first read. My lamp is hanging from the second shelf and I had it in the middle.
Now I have it on the left side of the shelf.
Like this, I have it looking from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, so the shadows I create don't bother me.
This is because I'm right-handed. If you are left handed, you should put it turned around: from the upper left side to the lower right side.

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Your chair.

I'm not going to enter into this. Just put the chair in a way which it doesn't bother you. Sitting badly can cause pain in your back and it's not something I would recommend.

To have.

Did you know that smelling candles calms you? Well, having a candle while you study does the same. When you are calmed, your studying will be easier for you.

To keep an eye on what you have to do, I'd recommend you to have jour agenda, bullet journal, calendar, schedule or whatever you have close to you.

I also have some motivational pictures which are quotes. This helps me mootivate during my stressed time.

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Do you have any more tips on study spaces? Send me a postcard if you do, I'd like to read your ideas!