I'm not a native speaker of English, But I tried to describe my feelings as close as possible. Hope you will like it. And sorry for mistakes. I still learn English.
He asked me about how does my heart feel? I was shocked I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. It was very difficult for me to tell him the truth. A hurting truth which kills me every minute. I couldn’t tell him my story; describe to him my sadness and my confusion. I was lost; I tried to forget my past. A horrible and beautiful past at the same time. I couldn’t tell him that my heart was broken, that I cry every second, that I don’t control my feeling anymore because I think that I have lost the majority of them. All that I feel was sadness and loneliness. He was my love, I thought that we will be the happiest couple on earth, but I was wrong. After being together for two years and eight months, I had the courage to face him and told him that it’s over between us. That even if I feel sad it was necessary to make an end to this story which had become a torture for us, especially for me. I suffered from his over jealousy, from his fit of Unger and from torturing my body in the name of love. I cried oceans; I fight to forget those memories. To not let the good souvenirs that we had before the storm destroying me and make my heart softer.
Now I have met this cute guy who asked me how my heart feels. He keeps a low profile. I don’t know if he likes me or not. He doesn’t talk enough. All that I know is that I need a heal for my wounds. I need a real man. Maybe just a hug and a forehead kiss. I need attention, a cure for my illness. I was beaten by a rapist who tries to get me back now after two mounts of the break-up. Who seemed sorry for what he did to me. I’m lost. I don’t feel that I’m loved by someone except my past. My tears are so hot that they burn my cheeks.