this is me in pictures:

s t y l e

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed sunglasses, vintage, and 90s image Image removed
my style is kinda 90s/vintage/old school

c o l o r s

blue, dark, and full image hand, sea, and ocean image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
my fav color is brown, this vintage brown but I also love black and white and all the colors of the sky and the plants

p l a n t s

blue, brown, and cactus image Image by be the exception beautiful, green, and jungle image flowers, girl, and tumblr image
I love plants so much

h a p p i n e s s

bus, car, and nature image nature, beach, and ocean image map, world, and travel image new york, city, and photography image
traveling makes me happy

f o o d

food, fruit, and 💗 image Temporarily removed drink, healthy, and food image food, healthy, and avocado image
healthy and vegan

(how I deal with)
d e p r e s s i o n

fitness, healthy, and work hard image crying, sad, and quotes image book, creative, and diary image again, broken, and hurt image
working out helps me the most... but sometimes I just need to let it hurt. Or I write poetry.

c h a r a c t e r

Mature image march and protest image quotes and wall image beauty, soul, and body image
I am a true feminist and I will fight till the end for human rights and equality!

q u o t e s

easel, inspiration, and positive image quotes, girl, and woman image easel, inspiration, and positive image quotes, life, and happy image
there are just so many quotes that describe my life and feelings but these are one of my favs.

t a t t o o s

tattoo, waves, and beach image aesthetic, indie, and pale image Image by ❋ old soul ❋ Image by ❋ old soul ❋
I really like these tattoos

thank you very much for reading, it means a lot to me because I spent much time on it.