Today I'm so excited to come back with a new type of articles. I'm starting a new series. The Concept: Each month, I'm gonna describe what happened in my life in a 100 words.

I hope this will interested you even if my life is kinda boring. Anyway let's try it and let me know what you think of it!

Went on Spring break. Worked. Applied to go volunteer in Haiti. Got rejected. My crush came over. I kissed him. Got some volleyball games. Almost broke my knee. Lost a few games. Won the most important one. Accidentally bought Apple music for a month and charged my mom's credit card. Fangirl on Shawn’s newest song Lost in Japan. Spend 50$ on useless things for a theme week at my school. Crush became my boyfriend. Suceed my math exam. Run into the ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend. Bought my passes for a festival this summer. Got way too excited. Got anxiety. Love.

xx Ro