Hello its me again; for those who don't know me my name is Haley, and my all time favorite holiday is EASTER! i'm always a believer for the rabbit. So i decided to write an article about "My Easter Holidays". Easter is a big thing in my family! we got all the cute tricks and treats all through this holiday. So lets begin!

Weeks before Easter my family goes to Church to attend the mass called "ash Wednesday". Where the priest puts a cross on your forehead, trust me very hard to get off! but right after we pray and sing. Then my family has a giant party with my mom's famous cooking.

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Once it starts getting closer to Easter, we begin our seven days of hunting eggs, one of our family members goes to the basement to find our 1,000+ easter eggs. The oldest then goes out and hide the eggs throughout the day. We get seven days to find as many eggs as we can. The winner with the most gets the prize, mostly in our family is either a 50 dollar gift card to a regular store our family shops at or a gift card to a restaurant.

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The day before Easter, my family buys eggs to design, I always use glitter or pastels for me. I remember one year my twin made star wars eggs, and they were terrible! But i did give him C for effort! My family loves the arts and crafts, Micheals is literally the store we always go to! Egg decorating is a big thing in my family, we always donate them to our Church right after so they can have a egg hunt with them.

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Growing up we had this tiny pond near our house, one year we found a dozen of chicks that we handed them out to my classmates and had a big party. Wow, we have a lot of parties! But every newborn or young kid we had at our party we would give them a chick to give to one of their classmates. This year, my nephew will get to do it! its just to remember the chicks we saved and to always remember everyone needs help from love ones once in a while.

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My all time favorite thing about Easter is, at the end of the night the boys in the family gives another family member a flower. My Husband last year gave me a set of flowers, with a box of a easter chocolate bunny. Easter to my family isn't really about the gifts, the parting, or the extra activities we do together. But the love we have for each other, every year my family goes through something, making us stronger each year. And every year this Holiday just keeps getting better.

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Thank you for reading my article, sorry if it was boring to some! Now i'll reward you, since everyone been asking i'll make a music article next. So stay tune and look out for it!

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