✦Hello lovely Hearters! Today I want to share with you some of my favorite poems and quotes. For me personally, poetry represents escape from everyday stress and sometimes tiring routine, and if you are into it as much as I am, this is the perfect article for you! Enjoy!

My Fate

Does the sun promise to shine?
No, but it will.
even behind the darkest clouds it will,
and no promise
will make it shine longer or brighter,
for that is its fate,
to burn until it can burn no more.
So, to love you is not my promise,
it is my fate,
to burn for you
until I can burn no more.


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I told her I was lost in this world
and she smiled
because she was too
we were all lost somehow
but we didn't care
we had in each others chaos
found each other.


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when snow falls
i long for grass
when grass grows
i walk all over it
when leaves change color
i beg for flowers
when flowers bloom
i pick them

rupi kaur

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nothing can save me from loneliness
as long as I still love to dance with my sadness

Dika Agustin

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you are a masterpiece
not everyone can understand
the meaning behind art

Dika Agustin

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✦There are also some quotes and poems that are untitled, so I wanted to separate them from the titled ones.

ꕥꕥꕥꕥꕥ ꕥꕥꕥꕥꕥ

You are the moon
I am the sun
you rise to light my dark
I burn to light your day

gemma troy

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ꕥꕥꕥꕥꕥ ꕥꕥꕥꕥꕥ

do not look for healing
at the feet of those
who broke you

rupi kaur

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ꕥꕥꕥꕥꕥ ꕥꕥꕥꕥꕥ

our souls have conversations
words could never describe

Bridgett Devoue

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✦Well, that's all I have for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed, and I would love to hear your thoughts about this article!

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