A while ago I began my little social media cleanse; I stopped going on all social media. Through this I found that my mental health was benefiting, I had more time to do things that needed to be done and I really wanted to do, and I limited the people I conversed with to only the people who are good for me and I truly love.

I wrote an article a while ago about happiness-

I mentioned my social media cleanse in it and had a few requests to expand so here you go:

1. Know why you're doing it
If you don't know why you're doing it, you won't do it well. For me I do it for my mental health, to prevent my self-critical mind from attacking me and to distance my self from the external world.
2. Ease yourself
When first coming off of social media, it's going to be strange and possibly boring. You're not used to it so set yourself a goal of how long until you'll log back in. I originally wanted to just do one day off, but by the next day I just really didn't want to or feel the urge to log in. I went on to do 3 days off a week, and then 5 and now 6, however on the 7th day I barely use it anyway.
3. Sign out
Physically sign out of everything that you can. It'll help remind you in the early stages of what you're trying to do when you reach for a quick scroll. There is nothing you need to be logged in for. If your friends message you, it'll still be there when you log in again (I wasn't sure about snapchat, but they do stay until they're opened). Tell the important people to text you if need be as they are the ones who (hopefully) are good for you and you are not cleansing yourself from.

I hope this helps and would hugely recommend a social media cleanse to anyone! Feel free to message me for any extra advice if necessary and I wish you all the best of luck.

Love, Katelyn