hey guys

I finished my high school and the question is:

what am I doing now?

In 3 weeks I am going to America for 3 month because a part of my family lives there (NC). For those who didn't know it, I am actually from Germany.
I'm sooo excited because I finally see my family (we don't see us much often :( ).

After this long vacation I start a training at the airport. But at the airport of our capital: Berlin
This will be a huuuuuge change in my life because I am living right now in a small village in the West with my parents. And Berlin is on the other hand of Germany.

That means: I have to move to Berlin.

A new chapter in my life begins.
I have to search for an apartment or a shared apartment.
I have no friends there.
I know nobody.
I can start over again

I am trying to find a new me. It is so excited to live in such a big city and I think I am gonna love it. But on the other side I am scared that I am lonely. That I don't find any friends. But I try my best. And I am going to miss my parents and my sister and my dogs.

I hope everything gonna be alright.
I did my best to get this training. It was my biggest wish.
And as you can see: dreams come true.

So remember to always believe in yourself because everything is possible !

The last hint of me:
always think positive

This will change a lot in your life. You will be happier you will see.

thanks for reading!
if you like some life-updates please tell me :)