Hello there, this is a quick article just to let you know about the discover that I made today. Her name is Ella Mai and I know that I'm late, but now imma make sure I never sleep on her again.

Let me get this clear. I am going to a very difficult step of my life and obviously as the title said, I've been cheated on not a long time ago. I won't lie to you guys, I felt down and worthless for a while but since today, I feel energized. It's like the whole day took time to take care of me (if it make sens). I went to work wearing a big smile and it melted my heart when people thanked me for my job, which happened a lot today. Then people I work with, have been gentle and comforted me. And no matter if usually I don't like people to know all my business it made me feel great inside of me.
Then I was just scrolling on Youtube, like always, and for the first time I found one of her song called "Naked". She's talking about how much she wanna found someone who can love her the way she really is, naked (not only physically), and I don't know but I felt this thing right, like it was meant for me.

After that (things I rarely do, cause laziness has it's reason) I wanted to know more, and I found her EP "Time", I listened to all the six songs, and if I wore a wig, it would have been snatched for sure. My favorite one is "Old dog, new bitch" cause ... actually I don't know since I feel related to all the songs, but I guess this one is deeper to me.

Anyway this is all about how she handle the breakup with someone who don't deserved her, and at the end of the EP I wanted to get things alright, to be better without faking it, and stop falling for the boy who wreck my heart.

So I don't really know if it's gonna work on you, but you should definitely check her different songs, cause they are straight fire. Her voice, her lyrics, her spirit. YOU DOING GREAT SIS' !! 💜👏🏿

Thanks for reading me,
Bisous Bye.