1. First Song You Heard?

'Not Today'
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2. Favorite Music Video?

I think 'Mic Drop', they look god damn good in there, i like the Outfits really much
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3. Best Live Performance?

Definitely 'Fire' on the MAMA's 2016

4. Your Bias?

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5. Best Singer?

1. Jungkook
2. Jimin
3. Taehyung
4. Seokjin
5. Hoseok
6. Namjoon
7. Yoongi
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6. Best Rapper?

1. Yoongi
2. Hoseok
3. Namjoon
4. Jungkook
5. Jimin
6. Taehyung
7. Seokjin
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7. Best Dancer?

1. Hoseok
2. Jimin
3. Jungkook
4. Taehyung
5. Yoongi
6. Namjoon
7. Seokjin
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8. Song That Makes You Happy?

Very hard question but I think 'DNA', 'War of Hormone' and 'Go Go' the most
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Temporarily removed
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9. 'L', 'O', 'V' or 'E' Version?

Of Course 'O' Version, look at these cuties, I can't
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my first article, hope you enjoyed :*