hello! I have not been able to write very many short stories lately because I've been so focused on the publication of my first book, the violet theory! in honor of the book's one month anniversary, I've decided to post an overview of my characters

Mavis Caverly

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"Fear is just the price of feeling free"

  • main character
  • seeks to find the purpose of a mysterious purple question mark tattooed on her wrist
  • curious, adventurer, passionate, daredevil

Beck Pyper

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"Don't bring a gun to a sword fight"

  • sailor
  • sarcastic, courageous, storyteller, mysterious, swordsmen

Kit Danvers

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"Science is magic that refused to be silenced"

  • scientist
  • mavis' best friend
  • sarcastic, intelligent, compassionate

Marin Valentin

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"Sometimes people get writer and fighter get confused"

  • journalist
  • bubbly, artistic, energetic, creative

Sonny Feron

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"You should know by now that you can't cheer up a madman"

  • psychopath
  • genius, rude, arrogant, cynic

These are of course not all my characters, just a few of my favorites. I hope some of you will read the book and fall in love with the characters just as I did! You can follow me on twitter and instagram @elodieiver, & you can also find my goodreads author profile and follow me for a few giveaways during the month of april! If you end up reading the book, I'd love to know what you think:)

- el