i've seen TONS of people doing this challenge, so i thought i'd do it too!

this is pretty much a few 'questions' about yourself that help others to learn more about you.


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i have light blonde hair that goes a bit past my shoulders, dark green eyes, a LOT of freckles, extremely pale skin (i couldn't get a tan even if i tried), and really light eyebrows that are practically invisible.


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i seem very shy when you first meet me, but after a day or so of getting to know you i never shut up. i love being around friends, but would much rather prefer to be alone. i hate large crowds and would much rather hang out with a small group of people, but i'm extremely social with this small group of people. i guess you could say i'm a bit of an introvert and extrovert mix.


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ok so, there's so many styles out there that i love, but i can't afford any of those types of clothes and i never know where to find them. so my style is pretty much t-shirts tucked into high-waisted jeans or shorts, sneakers, and A LOT of hoodies. (and harry potter merch hehe).


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i take pride in being incredibly ambitious, helpful, and hardworking. i'm also very accepting of others and i always try to see the goodness in others.


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i'm a huge over thinker. no matter what i try or what i do, i can't help but overthink every possible scenario on a daily basis. i also get stressed out super easily, which is most likely due to over thinking.


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this is going to sound incredibly cheesy and far fetched, but i've always wanted to be a content creator, preferably a youtuber, who workds alongside their bestfriends, (kinda like the sidemen. hence why they're in the picture above). it'd be pretty cool to move in with all your friends and create content you enjoy. i also want to become an activist. i highly doubt i would be able to gain a large platform in activism because i'm not the best speaker, but i'll definitely try. (i know both of those goals sound extremely far fetched, but don'T judge me)


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i've been learning mandarin since i was about 6 years old and i've visited china 3 times. i plan on spending one semester of my junior year as a chinese exchange student so that's cOol.

that's it!

(sorry about any typos in this article, it was kinda rushed.)