1. I live in Canada
2. I'm turning 17 in august
3. I love harry styles so much
4. I enjoy talking to people, so be my friend
5. The 100 is my favorite show
6. Summer is my favorite season
7. I want a cat
8. I enjoy reading books
9. Strawberries with chocolate syrup is my favorite snack
10. I love wearing rings, unfortunately I don't have too many

I want to put my name on here but i'm scared that someone I know in real life may come across this account. I plan on talking about personal things so I don't really want someone I actually know to find out. What's even worse is that my name is kind of unique and you don't see it too often, so it wouldn't take long for someone to figure out who I am. however, if you want to know my name just shoot me a quick message!

If you want to make a new friend, please don't hesitate on messaging me. I absolutely love interacting with people and honestly I could use some friends!