I really wanted to share this. I don't want to say too much about what the story is about, because I tend to have an idea I really like and then never finish, so what I will say is that is suposed to be a fantasy story. Hope you enjoy this little scribble!

‘He was mine!’

Both shocked and angered she stared at the dead man on the floor right in front of her feet. Then her eyes flicker to the three teenagers standing on the other side of the room, watching her rage with indifference.

‘You should have come sooner’, the only girl in the bunch says. ‘Besides, he probably died a better death then you would have given him. He ought to be glad we got to him first.’

‘I wouldn’t have killed him at all if he had cooperated, so that’s bullshit. And you know it.’

The girl’s attitude changes. A slight flicker of anger could be seen in her eyes and her body stiffens.

‘Do I? Because I thought I knew you once and look where it got me. You also don’t seem to have a problem with getting your hands dirty unnecessarily.’

Baffled Sarah stares at her old friend.

‘I only ever do what is necessary. You might not like it, and it might no be your way, but everything I do is justified as long as I reach my goal. You’re in no position to judge either. Ever since you got here, you have been doing the exact same thing.’

Silence fills the room as the two girls have a stare off in the middle of the room. A unsettling cold sets in to the room, putting the two boys, who seemed to be long forgotten, on edge. With caution they approach the pair, ready to jump in if a fight breaks out.