God will make it, you will find your purpose, no matter what your will make it.
Thank god, for the people he put on your way: The ones that help you without judging you.
Sometimes the people that help you are not those who are close to you.

Recreate everything, that's your goal now: Create a healthy, positive, happy world where you will live.
Decide to change, to grow up, to evolve and to find yourself.
The world, would have nothing to say about your life because you will be what you was made for since the beginning.

Focus !
Don't lose you !
Love yourself !
Appreciate life !

*Someone said :

Talk to God about your dreams, not with people. People like to put you down / discourage you. God, create the sky and the earth. Nothing impresses him !
He is going to motivate you and reminding you that he puts in you the same power and creativity that he used to create this world.
Make God your BFF. ๐Ÿ™