hey everyone,

nice that you are back again!
this time it's about things that make me happy!

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let's start!


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Of course my family belongs here! if there is something you can always go to your family


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when I read books I always feel that I am in the book itself. a completely different world.


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your friends are always there for you.


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I own 2 Chihuahua and I love them!

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the little things that make me happy

  • the smell of freshly mown grass
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  • the smell of autumn
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  • surprises
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I do not really like surprises when I know that I get a surprise. but if I do not know anything, I love it. yes I know, it's weird.
  • music
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good music can never hurt

and that's all!
Of course there are still things that make me happy.
but that's for the next time!

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