hi people! how are y'all?
so recently, i found a playlist on youtube i really fell in love with and today i decided to share it with you. their name is danielions playlists on youtube so feel free to check her out! so without further ado, happy listening!

1. DA₩N (다운) - 마지막 (live hall) [prod. N O V E L]
2. SLCHLD - say what's on your mind [prod. 강유정]
3. Rheehab - like a sunflower (feat. YAYYOUNG) [prod. OPO]
4. SLCHLD x OCEAN - rollercoaster [prod. sugi.wa]
5. channel 23 - 사이 (jeanjinn.jane)
6. channel 23 - a boy / frank (jeanjinn.jane)

gif, rain, and anime image

7. BADROOM - rain no sunshine (demo)
8. 오영 - Untitled05
9. Morning - 고백
10.Rheehab - 영화 (prod. Rheehab)
11. DA₩N (다운) - NEW WORLD (feat. BiNTAGE)
12. 설아. (Seora.) - 밤 (prod. honk)

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link to the yt video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3DuN8RdTkA&index=22&t=621s&list=LLzYji7yn96CDxDSw89qdkuw