Hi! So this is my first article in this page and I must say that I'm not an English speaker. I´m actually from Spain, so I will probably end up having a lot of mistakes in these lines. But anyway... I need to say something about platforms like We heart it or Tumblr.
These platforms are great in many ways: You find inspiration, you discover new things, people, places... and you have your own space to share content. Until here everything is okey. But many users are not aware of the potential to "make you feel something" of their own images or the ones by others that they share. On one hand, this is a good thing. If a image has a repercussion on you, it is probably because it has something to offer. In a certain way you can see that behind that image there is a human with a similar vision than you, with a similar sensibility.
On the other hand, this repercussion doesn't have to be positive right? Nowadays there is a lot of people whose depressed or suffering because of anxiety, and many of them find their own space here. I love that and I love they can express their feelings here. A lot of people with similar situations find comfort in their words and images. BUT and here it comes the whole point of this article, some of them and some people who actually does not have real problems are sharing even suicidal content. What is it the problem with this content? People end up thinking in disorders, depression, suicide as something "aesthetic". It sounds crazy but is true. You search the word "aesthetic" in these pages and it appears for example pictures of cuts in arms. And a lot of people, specially teens, are romanticizing these behaviours until the point that a lot of sad images in representation of even disorders, are accessible for everyone.

So please, the next time you share something, be careful.