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So, some of you may have seen my Eostre collection above, which you may think is foreign spelling... But it's not! Today, I wanted to write about the origin of Easter, not the Christian-appropriated holiday.

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Eostre: A Germanic goddess of spring and fertility, also known as Eastre or, more commonly, Ostara. The rabbit is her sacred animal, and the egg is her symbol of rebirth.
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Ostara is a Pagan Anglo-Saxon deity. Pagans originally celebrated the birth of spring in honor of Ostara by feasting and having festivals, but the festival was appropriated by the modern church and twisted into a Christian tradition, in which Christians celebrate the rebirth of their god.

Ostara is the first time you feel that soft blow of warm spring wind on your face. Ostara is the chirping of the birds coming home, the trees that rustle and glow vibrantly green in the sunlight, she is the hibernating animals that come about, the rabbits, hares, and chicks that wobble about, she is the first egg of the hen that has been laid.

Ostara is said to appear as a young maiden, who wears a white or pastel gown, and is covered in flowers and greenery. She often dances and is joyous, but moody, like the spring rain.

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Follow me to the distant hill
Listen to the sounds of the whip'o'will
Birch trees budding, Spring has come
The Cailleach's season now is done
Ostara walks this fecund land
Lambs are birthing, fed by hand
Flowers bloom, the air smells sweet
Wheat is growing, there's bread to eat
Children chase the Mad March Hare
Follow the clues to the eggs in his lair
Painted eggs, chocolate and buns
Sticky, iced and hot cross ones
This is a time for new beginnings
Planting bulbs and tending seedlings
A time when we discover anew
The love the Goddess has for me and you
~ Raven Willow Rune
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