since i'm joining completely into anime world this year and i watched around twelve that is a bit like no so much, i want to told you what are my faves until now and if you are like me, just joining into this, i think that you'll like them. btw, without any order and the ones that are kinda short even with second season.

1. Bungou stray dogs

anime, boy, and funny image
I love this anime. the animation, story and characters are on point.

2. Kyoukai no kanata

anime, kyoukai no kanata, and boy image
this one is so funny but i almost cry. is very simple but complex at the same time. I loved every character.

3. Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge

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This is the most relaxing thing that I've ever watched, trust me.

4. Death parade

anime, gif, and death parade image
it's so good and it has the best opening ever, eVER.

5. Noragami

noragami, gif, and yato image
literally i watched this today. I have not watched the second season yet, but I loved the first one. I'm so in love with yukine.