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Season 1 episode 1
Everyone but mostly Tony and Sid

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The first episode of the first skins season is genius, it gives an excellent introduction to the characters. if you're wondering what this episode is about it's mostly about Sid planning on losing his virginty and his friend mostly Tony, helps him. Tony thinks Sid has a chance of losing it on a party they go to later on the day. And to that party Sid accidently fix 3 ounces of weed. Later on the party Sid meets Tony's girlfriends friend Cassie and falls in love with her.

Season 1 episode 2

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This episode focuses on Cassie and we get a better look on how her private life is and some information about her eating disorder.

Season 1 episode 5

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This is Sid's episode and this episode made me laugh and appreciate Sid more than before. We get to see how his private life is, his blended feelings for Cassie and his struggle with school. Even about how he makes Cassie want to kill herself.

Season 1 episode 6
Maxxie and Anwar

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This episode is funny, random and a bit weird but that's ok. The sixth form history class go to Russia on a study trip where they smuggles drugs into russia and Cassie is in hospital. This episode willl mostly fous on how Anwar disapproves of Maxxie's homosexuality but respect him as a best friend. In the mean time Anwar has seen a girl who he thinks is being abused by her "dad" some houses away from their motel and decides to rescue her together with Sid's help. While Anwar and Sid is gone, Chris confesses his feelings for one of his teachers and Tony visits Maxxie because he wants to "explore" his sexuality. (honestly Maxxie and Tony would be hot together but Maxxie deserves better)

Season 1 episode 8

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Tony's very quiet little sister, Effy, goes out with strangers, do drugs and g "accidentally" overdoses. Tony desperately tries to find Effy, can Tony rely on any of his old friends who he has previous disappointed, or have they all shunned him forever? - why i like this episode is because i love Effy and this shows some of her true colors


Season 2 episode 3

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Damn only three episodes in of season 2 and there's already a sad episode with little Sid. In this episode, Sid and his dad are having Sid's father over and Sid's grandpa doesn't know that his parents are divorced and let just say everything turns into a mess for sid :(

Season 2 episode 4

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Only reason I like this episode is because Michelle and company is going camping on a beach. And why I find this episode funny is mostly becuase Michelle's "stepsister" is with them without Michelle liking it but to her luck, the tide water almost swallows her stepsister's car.

Season 2 episode 7

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In this episode we'll see the first time Effy meets Pandora because none of them have friends so a teacher insistes that they become friends but Effy doesn't want friends but she gives it a try so Pandora comes with her to pick up weed from Cassie and Chris' house, in the mean time Sid has gotten over the tragic event that happened to him but feels low and misses Cassie and Effy tries to help to let his emotions out

Season 2 episode 9

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(SPOILER ALERT) This is the last episode of the original skins cast sadly but don't worry Effy will be in the upcoming seasons. - After Chris' death the friends all come together. They get ecspecially close when Chris' dad doesnt want the teens to go to the funeral. But Tony and company has other they steal the coffin and other stuff that Sid leave Tony and his friends :'(


Season 3 episode 1

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I mostly like this episode only because Effy is ruling the school...nah but she's just so cool in the episode and we also get introduced to the new characters.

Season 3 episode 3

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This episode is hilarious, why? 'cause a new guy named Thomas from Africa as moved to england and meets Effy and company. And Pandora start to develop feelings for Thomas. After Pandora introduce Thomas to her grandma/aunt he notices that she makes tea of marijuana so he starts selling the weed :)

Season 3 episode 4

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- Panda is throwing a small party with her girl friends when her overprotective and innocent mom is home. Why I like this episode is because while the mom, Effy and Katie is baking brownies, Katie pours an MDMA (ecstasy) mixture into the brownie batter without Pandora or her mother knowing. After the brownies is finished Pandoras mom and Effy taste some brownies and starts to get high escpecially Pandoras mom. Later on when the girls get dressed into some awful pyjamas that Pandoras mom made, Pandoras mom comes into the room with brownies and everyone take one or two brownies. while they're eating Pandoras mom get excited when she hears the beginning of "livin' on a prayer" by Jon bovi and start to dance with the girls.

Season 3 episode 8

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This scene is all over the place. Effy and company is going camping in a forest while some creepy guys is after them. Effy finds magic shrooms and everyone gets high, Effy accidentally hit Katie pretty fucking bad and in the end everyone except from Cook dislikes Effy.

Season 3 episode 10

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Effy looke dbeautiful in pigtails even tho she looks a bit messed up and mostly everyone forgives Effy.

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