Awakening every morning is a suicide like any other. We woke up looking at ourselves in the mirror, seeing every scratch, scar, and we regret not being those girls from social networks, or something similar.

We arrive at the place where we usually live half of our day, whether it's school, high school, or work, there's always someone who is better than us / us and that ladino smile that our lips draw, after greeting your friends, change complete, and choose to spend the day looking at that person and feeling lousy for not getting their point of beauty, or charm.
It can be a good step, to look at our mistakes, which we can remedy.

Looking at it from the other perspective that person, gets up, looks in the mirror, and to cover their scars or imperfections uses makeup, then arrived at that meeting place, and sees that no one looks at their retouching, and see it as always, but it is fixed in that other person - the same one that was fixed in the other -, and sees its simplicity, and its security.

She goes to the bathroom mirror, and after seeing herself reflected in the mirror she feels ridiculous, and exposed to any criticism.

Nobody is perfect, we all have faults, and we enjoy each other, contemplating the beauty of each one, and always feeling inferior.
I of course I am not a person who loves me every day, but I am the person who looks in the mirror, and ends up getting tired of seeing, and seeing the reflection so imperfect, seeing my whole body and feeling horrible. But I do not think he always tells me the same thing, maybe one day I, and everyone, will get up kissing the reflection of the mirror, dressing us with whatever we want without asking what they will say. And of course we want more every day