At the start of the year i discovered this sudden liking of the color red .It's such a fierce ,bold ,sexy colour .Not only that however i also learnt how even the smallest amount of red to your outift can change it totally.

1.Red Manicure

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It's a tiny adittion to your look but its for sure beautiful and noticable .

2.Red lips

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Red lips are for sure a classic and popular look. Start of with a very simple eye look and then add the bold colour, it will transform your look. A very cheap however great make up brand is " Essence " they have a variation of lipstick shades not only that however they are also very pigmanted which guarantees for
a bold lip .

3. Accessories

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A red purse for sure has to be one of my favourite ways to incorporate red to an outift . Here are a few links to beautiful purses you can add to your wardrobe.




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Another trend which i have seen going around are red sunglasses.For sure will have to purchase a pair .Here are a few links to some insta worthy sunglasses




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I am not gonna lie but i am so in love with shoes and a red pair is a dream come true. Adding a red sneaker with blue jeans and a white t-shirt is a classic ,or even go for a full black outfit and red heeled boots . Here are some links to my favorite pairs.


4.Red Dress

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As i said earlier on red is known as a sexy fierce color and a red dress is for sure that . You can go casual with a tight fitting dress or more for an evening look with a silk red .

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Here are a couple of links to beautiful dresses.

5. Red Outerwear

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I am in love with that classy red coat ,it's only one clothing item but transforms your whole outfit . Wear it with black skinny jeans , black top and white sneakers, or switch it up for blue skinny jeans and a black heel . Here is a link to a red coat .

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Something i for sure am a big fan of, is red hoodies/ sweatshirts ,pair it with blue boyfriend jeans and white sneakers.

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Lastly a red jacket ,such as a leather one is also a great touch .

6. Full red

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If you wanna go all out and wear a full on red outfit this adidas tracksuit is one of my favorite.

Hopefully after reading this you get inspired to go rock this bold color .Just remember to wear it with confidence because you are beautiful ❤

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