These are the questions #TheVampireDiariesTag

Let's go!!

1. Your favourite female character

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Bonnie Bennett

2. Your favourite male character

The Originals, klaus mikaelson, and the vampire diaries image
Klaus Mikaelson

3. If you could be any character, who would you be?

the vampire diaries, tvd, and caroline forbes image
Caroline Forbes

4. Female character you hate the most

Nina Dobrev, katherine pierce, and the vampire diaries image
Katherine Pierce

5. Male character you hate the most

matt donovan, Zach Roerig, and tvd image
Matt Donovan

6. Your favourite season
My favourite is the 3th.

7. Have you read the books?

8. Your favourite family

The Originals, family, and phoebe tonkin image
Mikaelson family

9. Would you be a Werewolf, Vampire, Witch or Hybrid?

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10. Your favourite villan

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Kai Parker

11. Your favourite ship

tvd, damon, and elena image
Delena (Damon and Elena)
klaroline, the vampire diaries, and klaus image
Klaroline (Klaus and Caroline)
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Bonenzo (Enzo and Bonnie)

12. Your favourite friendship

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Bamon (Damon and Bonnie)

13. The part that made you cry the most

the vampire diaries, paul wesley, and stefan salvatore image tvd and love image
Episode 8x16

14. The part that you funny the most

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15. If you were a vampire, would you survive off human or animal blood?
Absolutely human blood

16. Do you prefer human Elena or Vampire Elena

Nina Dobrev, paul wesley, and tvd image
Vampire Elena

17. The character who should not have died

enzo, romantic, and the vampire diaries image
Enzo St. John

18. Your favourite quote

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19. Do you prefer Stefan or Damon?

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Damon Salvatore

20. How did you discover this show?
My old friend of school talk me about this show.

21. Your favourite cast member

girl and kat graham image
Kat Graham (Bonnie)

22. Your crush on the show

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Tyler Lockwood

23. Do you prefer TVD or TO?

Vampire Diaries, the vampire diaries, and ian somerhalder image
I love them both but TVD is my favourite.

24. Do you prefer Elena or Katherine?

Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and elena gilbert image
Elena Gilbert

25. Your favourite parent

caroline, damon, and miss you image
Elizabeth Forbes (Caroline's mother)

26. The ship you hate the most

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Jeremy and Anna

27. Do you ship Ian and Nina?
Of course

28. Do you prefer Vampire Caroline or Human Caroline?

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Vampire Caroline

29. Your favourite romantic scene

elena, motel, and tvd image
The motel scene (Delena)

30. How much you miss TVD?
I miss it so much.

I hope you like it