Hey guys! I'm back with a regular article, and this time we're going to be doing Decor! First time I'm doing this, so if you want to see more, click the heart!


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Easy to move!

So, there are all these decor ideas with headboards. Let's be real, I'm probably going to knock them all down in my sleep. Maybe you as well. But, I realized that there's a whole other part of the bed frame that needs attention! So, you can transfer most headboard projects to your footboard!

MS Paint

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So cute, yet so easy.

Basically, you make what I made here. To make it, you need a computer with Paint installed on it. (Or an online variant, however, you'll want a fill option. Otherwise, it's hard and too troublesome.) Then, you'll want to print it out on some card stock (or normal paper, and then put it on to a canvas). After, you add some cute text and hang it up in your room.Ta-da!


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Add plants, whether real or fake, to your room to add a pop of color and originality. Plants can be used anywhere. From your dresser, to in a random corner, to by your windowsill, plants are just one of the most beautiful things a room can have.

Hope you enjoyed!