° One

hercules, disney, and hades image
disney, dogs, and cute image Temporarily removed
I'm never angry. And when I get angry I'll be extremely adorable, so because of this people don't get me serious.

° Two

eyes, skin, and Effy image
beautiful, blue, and eye image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
My eyes change of color depending on my mood.

° Three

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Inspiring Image on We Heart It fuck and fuck you image
I've been in love many times with the same guy for the past 6 years.

° Four

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boy, girl, and hard image love, kiss, and art image
I've never been kissed.

° Five

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feminism, empowerment, and female image Mature image
I'm a feminist and very proud.

° Six

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I like smoking and I like the smell of it

° Seven

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rain, bed, and window image rain, black and white, and vintage image
Rain is my happy weather

° Eight

submarine, sky, and alone image
sky, sunset, and window image blogger, caro, and smiling image
I'm a morning person. I am the most productive in the morning.

° Nine

cliff, in, and jump image
jump, sea, and summer image friends, summer, and sea image
I've jumped off a cliff

° Ten

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quotes, feelings, and feeling image anxiety, depression, and life image
I suffer anxiety and social anxiety

° Eleven

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Temporarily removed 70s, ashton, and ashton kutcher image
I have dyscalculia, it's a mental problem where you don't understand numbers like everyone else. Like subjects like math and physics are very hard for me and I have to learn in some other special way and I hate it cause nobody understands it, they just think I don't do it cause I'm dumb.

° Twelve

candle and gif image
candle and tom ford image candle, light, and autumn image
I'm obsess with scent candles, my house will have like 200 and I will keep on buying more.

° Thirteen

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Temporarily removed love, couple, and bike image
I don't know how to ride a bike. I'm 17