(the order doesn't mean anything)

1☞ sana minatozaki

japan, specs, and twice image Image by slapslap♡•

2☞ jennie kim

korean girl, jisoo, and lisa image jennie and blackpink image

3☞ irene bae

irene, red velvet, and kpop image Temporarily removed

4☞ tzuyu chou

twice, tzuyu, and kpop image Image removed

5☞ somi jeon

orange, yellow, and somi image yellow, somi, and jeon somi image

6☞ jisoo kim

blackpink, jisoo, and kpop image blackpink, jisoo, and kpop image

7☞ seolhyun kim

seolhyun, kim seolhyun, and seol hyun image angels, beauty, and kpop image

8☞ suzy bae

actress, Q, and kdrama image kpop, suzy, and miss a image