I' ve seen a lots articles about this challence called "This or that", and two articles have inspired me:

So let's go!

Coffee or Tea?

Image by Cris Figueiredo Image removed coffee, autumn, and fall image cake, food, and chanel image
Both, I can't change because I love them so much

Winter or Summer?

+, couple, and explore image girl, beach, and summer image Temporarily removed beach, feelings, and landscape image
Summer absolutely, I love the sun, I love sea, I love my tanned skin (and I am very cold so)

Pop or Rock?

music, vintage, and photography image Temporarily removed music, coffee, and vintage image music, girl, and vinyl image
Generally I prefer pop music, but I listen to different kinds of music, (I love so much vinly)

Tattoos or Piercings?

tattoo and elephant image harry potter and tattoo image piercing, earrings, and hair image Temporarily removed
Both, but I prefer a little tattoo and I love the piercingses on the ears

Curly Hair or Straight Hair?

Image by โ€ข E S T E R A โ€ข fashion, girl, and style image aesthetic, boho, and classy image girl, hair, and travel image
I've the straight hair, and I love them (strange)

Europe or America?

orange, green, and aesthetic image theme, rp, and cindykimberly image city, sky, and window image city and taxi image
Both, because i'm italian girl so a part of my heart is tied up to the europa. And the other part of my heart wants to see new places, new thing

High heels or sneakers?

adidas sneakes image nike, shoes, and sneakers image fashion, shoes, and adidas image fashion, adidas, and style image
Absolutely sneakers

Freckles or dimples?

girl, freckles, and smile image Image by jรดmรขล„รฃ ฤžhฤ…รฑฤ•m makeup, beauty, and freckles image Temporarily removed
I love so much freckles

Foundation or concealer?

makeup, Foundation, and beauty image Image by Ellakiia gucci, makeup, and Foundation image Temporarily removed

Hugs or kisses?

couple, cute, and love image couple, love, and goals image Temporarily removed love, couple, and hug image
Generally hugs, but it changes from person to person

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