1. The ash is in our clothes - Sleeping At Last

winter, snow, and travel image grunge, indie, and tumblr image

2. Lost boy - Ruth B.

Temporarily removed window, grunge, and tumblr image
"run, run, lost boy" they say to me, "away from all of reality"

3. As if in a dream - Sleeping At Last

quotes, sad, and feelings image Temporarily removed

4. Hearing - Sleeping At Last

forest, nature, and woods image Temporarily removed

5. Red, red wine - UB40

wine, red, and drink image neon image
red red wine you make me feel so fine

6. Paint the town green - The Script

green, house, and architecture image house, vintage, and window image
it's so close to Paddy's day and it kills you not to be there

7. To build a home (radio version) - The Cinematic Orchestra

book, bed, and window image bedrooms, cozy, and photography image
I built a home for you, for me

8. The spring - Sleeping At Last

flowers, pink, and nature image Temporarily removed

9. Una mattina - Ludovico Einaudi

travel, mountains, and people image Temporarily removed

you can find this playlist on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/lousgrin/playlist/5RR6UjJJXzlRVQHGsUEiSm
hope you like it!
see you next month