Hi, I'm Lili and again, I'm going to write my favourite songs in March so, if you want to know, what's my favourite songs in March, just stay with me and enjoy my article! 😘

The Pretty Reckless

  • Oh My God
  • House On A Hill
  • Goin' Down
  • Zombie
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  • "Gucci Flip Flops" - feat. Lil Yachty
  • "Rubbin Off The Paint" REMIX
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  • Bumpy Ride
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Nightcore (Maroon 5)

  • Payphone
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Rixton (JNATHYN Remix)

  • Me And My Broken Heart
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James Arthur

  • Safe Inside
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Thanks for the reading, I hope you like these songs and if you like this post and you want some post yet like this, give me a heart and follow my other collections and read other article of my favourite songs in February! 😉❤
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