The challenge is created by @dontbuymeflowers and I'm so thankful to her about it :)

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A letter to my crush

Sidenote: There are two boys who are so different and I'll make a letter for both of them.

Letter 1

Dear N,

I'm not even sure I have a crush on you. After that incident which I don't even remember clearly I just see you differently. We've been in the same company for so long but almost never speak to each other and you've never before that case caught my eye. But then I saw you and you saw me even better. The real question is: do you actually care about what I told you? I guess not... But I care. I care so much because I've never shared so personal things before and I've always thought when I do it will be special.

However after that we just carried on, you with your life and me with mine like that talking have never happened. I expected it but still it hurt. I guess I just wanted and still want your attention and more conversations like this one, not your kisses or hugs.

I know you'll never read this so that's why I wrote it. If I knew you would I would write down completely different things.

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Version 2

Hey C!

You are my long term crush, the boy I always look for in the crowded canteen. You are so different from the other boys - so cute, intelligent, ambitious and somehow unreachable. Our paths haven't crossed for long and in 2 months they will go in totally different directions when you leave for college... I was secretly hoping that maybe in your last year we would get to know each other. What a funny story.

What's funnier is that I think you like me back. Or at least have some type of interest but don't show it clearly like we both do. Maybe that's our problem : waiting for the other to make the first step or the destiny to bring us together but that's not our case.

I won't be able to see your handsome face anymore soon so I'll at least try to look at you with more confidence and maybe even smile. We'll see whether I will do it and whether you will smile back.

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If you've reached this point you have read the text above and I appreciate it so much :) Sorry if it was too long ^^
With love, me <3