hey guys, it's nicole. Welcome back to one of my series called; late and shitty thoughts when I'm over-emotional and my minds crowded with thoughts- vol 4?

It's 12:52am (happy easter ya filthy animals) and I'm thinking alot and my head (heart ) hurts. I'm going to spill my thoughts and hope that I don't go too deep that I get reported for like the 8millionth time :)

(beginnings crap- last sentence is the main message here people!!)

I don't understand why people choose to pick at the negative things people do rather than encourage the positive things people do. I mean, people can be rude and not always think before they do and will probably end up saying something stupid, but depending on what was said you could try and compliment them and see if that brightens their mood.

Believe me- I've been at both the giving and receiving end of people's bad attitudes and how they let their brain take full control over their body, and I know it sucks.

Like for instance, I'm a writer and I post stories online, and I've had internet trolls send me messages critiquing my writing style/preferences and what/how I write, and at the start when I was still growing a following on both my page and my books, I was really really hurt- I mean, why would these people get to send me mean messages saying what they hate about something that brings me so much joy?

But thankfully overtime I've realised that they're not worth it- they're the sad ones who have nothing better to do than sit and write hateful messages. So I just write/comment back something thanking them for taking the time to write that ignorant message/comment, block them and move on.

I've learnt that words from people (Whether they're influential or just plain rude) can mean as little or as much to you as possible- it's whether you decide to let what they say affect you or not.


Okay, thats it for this little braindump of the week/month/day? I hope you somewhat enjoyed that little snippet of my brain. Peace out my people, It's easter and I have some serious sleep to get before my easter egg hunt tomorrow (yes my family still does them, and yes I'm going to get more than my sister.) catch ya on the flip side my doods, peace out :)