This month i've been listening to many relaxing songs. I was actually contemplating whether i should write this article this month or not, because i haven't really found many songs i'm very excited about. But i decided on writing it, because i'm very bored and love listening to music. (I'm still very new at this, so i'm probably doing everything wrong.) If you don't know what i'm writing about, you should check out my previous article (If you want to).

Gum, Toe Sole by Gus Dapperton

I believe this is the most exciting song from my playlist. The melody is very uplifting and I really enjoy listening to this song.

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All I own is gum, toe and sole. I care for none, my dear.

4 seasons by Rex Orange County

If you read my previous article, you know how much i like music by Rex Orange County. This song is calmer than most of the songs I listen to. It's just very interesting and the words are amazing.

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'Cause since you made me social, I'm not longer even solo

Not My Baby by Alvvays

This song lifts up my mood. It makes me feel more confident. As i'm a person, who always cares what others think, this song gives me the confidence to stop doing that.

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You can tell your friends that I don't make sense And I don't care

Different State of Mind by Kid Bloom

This song is very calm and relaxing. The melody is very soothing and lets you think.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Give me a reason and I will hold you

How Was Your Day by Mellow Fellow

This song is one of my favorite songs at the moment. It's very lovely.

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And if you're day was long, I'll be there to ask you what went wrong, my dear

Jane by Roy Blair

At first i didn't really like this song. It's that type of song, that you have to listen to a couple of times before you start loving it.

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The best thing about not having you around, i can finally be myself, think out loud

Pleaser by Wallows

This song always makes me dance and sing out loud. Although if you listen to the words, the song is not that happy, but it still makes me smile.

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But my voice annoys me Bite my tongue off with a smile

Brazil by Declan McKenna

This song is quite different from the ones i usually listen to. But it is still e very good song, that I enjoy listening to.

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Why would you lie, why would you lie about how you feel?
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