I thought this would be a good article to do... I saw a few people do this and it looked interesting.

So here we go:


I have a weird obssession with old songs... From the 50', 60', 70', 80' and 90' and in my opinion the best music is from that time. I love song such as:

Europe - The Final Countdown

Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall

The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun

Kiss - I Was Made For Loving You

Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel


My favorite color has to be burgundy red, i don't really have to explain it any more...

aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic


I'm a huge bookworm, if someone doesn't stop me, i can read the whole day. Not to mention i have a library for a room. My favorite book is by Michelle Moran - Nefertiti. It was a gift from my dad, for my birthday, i live by his words that books are the best gifts.

Superthumb books books books


I'm trilingual. I can speak Serbian (my mother language), English, German ( a bit), Korean ( beginner but understandable).

stars aesthetic black aesthetic


My height is 5'5".


I love TV shows and K-dramas. I love shows such as: F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Halfworlds, Riverdale, That 70' show, The middle... And K-dramas like: Chicago Typewriter, While you were sleeping, The Heirs, Coffee Prince, etc.

chandler bing Superthumb Superthumb coffee prince


I love coffee and tea.

Superthumb brown Superthumb aesthetic


My birthday is on 30th of January, I'm an Aquarius.

aquarius Superthumb Superthumb aquarius


I'm an openminded person and i try to get along with everyone, but if you push my buttons, i turn into a person you never wish to get on the wrong side of.


My favorite fruit is green apples.

apple apple


My favorite flower is red roses. ( I know i'm basic)

flowers flowers aesthetic flowers


My eye color is green. Sometimes light green, sometimes dark green depending on my mood.

beauty Superthumb


I love photography, but i almost never post it. I would go on walks just to get some good pictures.

camera Superthumb


I am a huge dog person. I love dogs and i wish to have a puppy of my own one day.

adorable adorable


On my 18th birthday i am going with my mom to get my first tattoo. I wanted one since i was around 12-13, and i bored my parents until they aggred to let me get one done when i turn 18.

flowers tattoo

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