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Hi Beauties!

Life can be hard sometimes and busy. But there's a difference between busy and productive. I love to be productive all day and achieve goals and because of some things I do, I can accomplish goals and dreams very fast.
Being productive and finding a way to be more productive is different for anyone. Everyone has different goals and a different way of living life. But if you're still struggeling with being productive and staying focussed, I have some tips and advice for you that can maybe help.



I love routines. They help me out through the day and give me a better overview of the day. Because of the routine I never forget a thing and it keeps me motivated to work hard and to keep track of my schedule.

Here's my morning and nightroutine as an example:

Moring Routine:

Get up & make the bed.
Brush my teeth and wash body+face
Moisturize and prime face.
Get dressed.
Do makeup
Do hair
Check my bag if I have everything
Head down for breakfast and make lunch.
Grab keys, jacket and shoes and leave the house.

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(This is what I do on a normal week day during school.)

Night Routine (I already worked for school and did some workout):

Drink some tea
Head upstairs to brush my teeth and wash my face (I already have pyjamas on)
Choose my outfit for the next day
Make my bag for the next day

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Okay, this doesn't sound that interesting and doing the same thing over and over again also looks kinda boring, but making your own routine works! Schooldays are boring but this is what I do when I wake up and go to sleep and I never miss out on something that's on the list.


I love journaling. It gives me (again) an overview of the day/week. I write EVERYTHING in there. Appointments, tasks, events, birthdays, tetst, things I may not forget etc. And it really helped me to stay productive. My day isn't complete when I didn't do everything that's in my journal. I sometimes write tasks in it for school I actually need to make for the next week. But I love to make my tasks days before.

TIP: I bought a personalized journal but you can also just buy a notebook and make your own journal. There are plenty of inspirational pictures here on WHI that can help you.

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These are my two favorite apps! I heart and pin motivational and inspirational quotes that keep me going and I also heart notes and other stuff that may help me being productive.

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Now you might be thinking: "What does that have to do with the subject?" Well... water keeps you hydrated and let you stay awake and focussed. Healthy food also gives you lots of energy. I Always carry a water bottle around the house or when I'm away. And when I'm studying or just doing something I like to grab a bowl of fruit or nuts.

TIP: I eat oatmeal with yoghurt, banana and berries in the morning. It's super healthy and gives you enough energy for the whole day.

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When I got a test I used to study the day or even night before, so I need to study a lot at once. Now that I've grown I know myself better and I know what works for me. Now I finish tasks or finish studying days before. I do a little everyday so I don't need to rush at the end.

Find yourself little things that help you to make everything easier so you won't be stressed out all the time.

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Don't work for 3 hours straight. Take breaks now and then and try to focus on something else for 15 minutes. It helps you to give your brain and mind some rest. They really need it even though you don't notice.

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I hope this article helped you a little bit. I know that staying focused on something is difficult but I'm sure you can do this and achieve your goals!
Thank you so much for reading this article and if you liked it, don't forget to heart this or leave a reaction!
I hope we'll meet again in my next article <3

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and remember: stay true, stay beautiful, stay you!

Lots of Love,
Mimi xoxo

March 31, 2018