Lately I have been adding new habits to my lifestyle in order to improve my life. I have gotten to the point where I'm more than ready to do all the changes that are necesary to achieve being the best person I can and my living life to the fullest.
Taking care of yourself is really important so I want to share with you my new habits and the ones that I keep since they have showed a really good effect, and luckily they will help you too!

New Habits:

  • Drinking More Water
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I used to drink mostly juice, but now I drink water since it has a lot of benefits for your skin, health and energy.

  • Doing exercise
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I have tried to exercise regullary a lot of times and it was hard to fine enough time to do it so I always gave up, but this time I'm more committed than ever.

  • Trying New Things
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I always want to try new thing but I used to let the doubts and fears stop me but this year I want to let myself explore so I have been taking French lessons for three moths and in a week or so I will start guitar lessons.

  • Defining Myself
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This is something that has been going aroud my mind a lot lately. I have been asking myself who I actually am, what I like and how to finally show my real self in font of others. I know that it is a long process but I feel like I have advanced a lot and it makes me so happy.

  • Doing A "My Year In Pixels"
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This is the firts year that I have done this and it is a really good idea, it helps me to think about how things are going and makes me realize that I have had a lot of good moments so far this year.

Habits That I Keep

  • Skin Care
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I don't have the best skin so taking care of it is a must for me, besides that I love doing it. I use special soaps for my face and really nice moisturizers for my body, they make me feel so fresh and clean and they smell so good!

  • Listening To Music
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I literally do everything while listening to music. I think music is of the most important things ever, I don't know what I would do without it and since there are so many differetn types and artist you can find the ones that make you the happiest and heve more connection with and it's like finding someone who really understands you. It's safe to say that music in of my favourite things in the world.

  • Organizing My Bedroom
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I always like to have my bedroom tidy since it makes it easy for me to organize and I love how confortable it feels. You can also give it your own style and make it your space in the world.


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I love walking and been able to clear my mind, I find it really relaxing and it is a really good exercise. It doesn't matter if I'm walking in the streets, between the trees or in my backyard, it is an amzing way to just connect with the outside and let your thoughts fly.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and found interesting ways to improve your life and be happier. Lots of love xx

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