Hey, cuties!Denim on denim is a great option for spring and fall since it's classy and never out of style.

❁ Coordinated Colors ❁

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You can't go wrong with a matching denim wash outfit.It ties the whole look together.
These kind of outfits you can pair them with anything.

❁ Denim Blouse ❁

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A classy denim blouse paired with skinny jeans is an ideal office look.
Although,if you want a more modern girlboss look,I suggest going for an oversized denim blouse and tackle in only the one side of the blouse.
This way you will achieve a more fresh and relaxed look without losing the classy element of the outfit.

❁ Black&White ❁

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Even though not really common,definitely a killer combo!
A black denim jacket over white jeans adds the right amount of edge to the look.

❁ Mixed Wash Denim ❁

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Mixing different wash of denim is also a great choice.
Don't worry if your jacket is lighter than your jeans,denim always looks good on denim,no matter what.

That's it for today's article.I hope that you got some inspiration.I will make a series of "How to style" articles so feel free to message me or send me a postcard with your recommendations.It can be anything you feel troubled how to style such as a color, a clothing material, a statement piece or a specific trend!See ya soon xixixi



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