We've all had a phase in our lives where we hated ourselves, or thought we weren't good enough, or that we could've been better. At some point, we were all unhappy with ourselves, overlooked our features and envied people who were better than us. Here are my tips on how to glo up! (i'm undergoing the process myself XD)


The very first step is to make your life better. Your grades mean a lot. If you fare well in your examinations, your classmates and teachers will get to know you. Participating in activities like debates, quizzes and speeches will help you step out in the limelight and give people a good reason to talk about you. Focus on building up your hobby and skills and being better at it than anyone else

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The most important step towards changing your appearance if you're already unhappy by the way you look.
✿cut down on junk food.
✿keep one cheat meal day for yourself.
✿ opt for healthier snacks like air popped popcorn and foxnuts.
✿eat fruits, veggies and lean meat. If you're vegan, you can find plenty of diet plans online.
✿ drink plenty of water.
✿ eat 6 short meals throughout the day.

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Essential for any glo up. Exercise transforms your body and brings out the best in you. There are a lot of fun workout videos on youtube. Here are some channels i trust blindly:

❀ power girl fitness: great if you're a beginner. I started working out when i was 13, i began with this video.
❀XHIT DAILY: Love the VS series. Rebecca Louise is my favorite
❀LoveSweatFitness: workouts for sculpting each and every part of your body including legs, arms, booty, back, just anything.
❀feminique: the thumbnails are so motivating lol. one thing tho, they dont workout along with you, they just show the steps.
❀fitness blender: great channel. good workouts. warm ups are good too. The kickboxing workout is my fav

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This is just part one, part two coming soon ♡♡