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How are you? I hope you're fine. So, here I am with a new article of our series "Things You May Don't Know". So, these are 20 incredible things you certainly did not know about one of your most valuable tools, our eyes!

1. The daughter of the eye expands up to 45% when we see someone we love.

2. The eyes of the sharks are so much like human eyes, used in surgeries to replace human eyes.

3. Each eye contains 107 million cells, and all of them are sensitive to light.

4. One in every 12 men has color blindness.

5. The human eye recognizes only 3 colors: red, blue and green. All others are combinations of these.

6. On average, the eyes record 24 images until the end of our lives.

7. Bleaching usually lasts from 100 to 150 fractions of a second, and it is possible to repeat it for up to five times per second.

7. On average, the eyes are blinking 17 times per minute, 14,280 times a day and 5 million times a year.

9. The brown eyes are actually blue under the brown color, and so it is possible within a laser surgery to permanently change the color from brown to blue.

10. The eyes can focus on about 50 things per second.

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