Intro - I personally have struggled acne but not so bad (which i am very grateful for) i think its most girls dream to get clear healthy looking skin so these are what helped me reduce my acne.
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Drink water! I know you have heard this everywhere but kids let me tell you its TRUE! your boy is made up of water and you need water to survive. Water not only helps your skin but makes you feel clean and energised. If your not a fan of water then you can switch it up a bit and add lemon, strawberries , cucumber the possibilities are endless.
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Lemon juice can be use to cleanse your skin, lighten your spots and scars as well as keeping your skin smooth. Just squeeze a bit of lemon juice and apply it to your face leave for a couple of minutes then wash of with warm water do this once a week.


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Believe it or not healthy eating has a big impact on your skin and on your body. Whatever you eat you are putting back into your body. Not all healthy food taste bad there are lots of amazing different foods that can be healthy and it doesn`t mean that you can never eat chocolate again because i guarantee no one could do that just everything in moderation
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Try not to touch your face too much. You do everything with your hands so imagine all that dirt and bacteria goes on your face every time you touch it, also try and keep your hair tied back and not touching your face as that can be another way to increase your acne.
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Face masks helps to unclog pores, cleanse your skin , helps hydrate your skin, firms your skin, evens out your skin tone and many more benefits. You should use a face mask once a week, if you are looking for a face mask with natural ingredients then i recommend buying a face mask from lush as there face mask work really well on all types of skin types leaving your skin soft and smooth.
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You should try and get at least 6 - 8 hours of sleep each night. I know that might be hard for some of you but i promise you will feel so much better when you wake up the next morning. however some people are different like me i need more than 8 hours sleep lol! i need at least 10 or 11 hours for me to feel refreshed in the morning.
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Remember to take off your makeup when you go to bed i am guilty of this, most times i forget to take my makeup off and when wake i not only look a mess but i feel like a mess. When you keep your make up on then your skin is being blocked by your makeup and may cause spots because your not letting your skin breath. Remember you don`t need makeup to be pretty you all are beautiful the way you are.
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Make sure to wear sun-cream (or whatever you call it lol) even if you don`t think the sun will come out it is always better to be safe then sorry that`s what i like to say. The sun can damage your face can cause, age spots, skin problems, and give you wrinkles ladies who wants to look like there 50 when there 35 right ;)
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This stuff wont happen in a day it takes time and that`s what i think a lot of people fail to mention. Its going to take a while for your skin to clear up so don`t be a hermit crab and stay in your shell go out and have fun don`t let your acne stop you from living your life, explore, travel the world ,meet new people live your life to the fullest. Remember you only live once so make the most of it while you can
Outro- Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I am not an expert so this stuff may not work this is what worked for me. I just want to say that if you feel like your life is horrible and nothing ever happens right just know that life is getting you ready for something amazing.
Lots of love :
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