I am sure, I'll never get back what I lost
although I'd fight for it till the end
I would bye it, no matter what it cost

I am so sorry that I made us
a sad, tragic story
I never meant to make you hurry
your carelessness
just caused me to worry

I swear I only wanted your happiness
I swear I meant no harm
I know I was too quick to fall
but you need to know, before feelings come
they do not make a phone call

You were full of wounds I didn't see
I should've listened when you made your plea
not to rush, to take things slow
because I didn't listen
you had to let go

I swear I meant no harm
I just didn't know
why we had to take it slow

But I see your wounds now,
I see how badly love has broken you
I see that you need to move carefully
to feel your heart is beating peacefully

I see that you're afraid of losing yourself
and of losing control
Darling you have a damaged heart and soul

If I could go back to the past
I'd never pressure you again
and I would get,
what is going on in your head
and I would make you feel worthy
of all and everything

I want to change it all,
but my power, it's so small
I have no magic to use.

But I have hope, I have a dream
that one day my suffering is worth everything
that someday, if we're meant to be
we will find each other again

I'll know then, to take it as slowly as you want
I will gladly let you be in charge

I am sorry I fell too hard,
I swear I never, ever meant any harm