Once upon a time, a happy, handsome young man was living in the suburbs with his parents. His life was flowing peacefully, when, one day, his mother called him while he was at school and told him that his father had a heart attack and died. His whole world broke into a million pieces. He only wore black since then and was really sad, almost depressed.
It's been a year and the young man thought he would get over his father's death with smoking, drinking and doing drugs. His beautiful eyes had already dark circles underneath and his smile was faded.
Suddenly, he fell in love for the first time and the situation got a lot better. His little Beauty was willing to help him. She threw his cigarettes away and he was so deep in love that he swore not to smoke, drink or do drugs ever again. He even wore white clothes again.
Everything was going great, until the girl disappeared. He couldn't stand it. He became a monster. Now he's rude, unable to love and give or receive tenderness. He sins, he plays. The girl was going through tough times, but he didn't know. Now the Beauty came back, but he's a Beast; only a kiss of true love could save him, which only Beauty can give him. Because she's the only person in this world that knows about the inner beauty he's hiding and she wanted it to be released. But he won't let her touch.